Find all modified properties in blueprint

Is it possible to get a list of all values that a blueprint has changed? For example, if I create a blueprint from “ACharacter” and change the walking speed, that value will be marked as modified and a little yellow arrow will be shown next to it. I want to find all instances of such modifications.

Not sure about some simple native node to get such information.
But you can do it manually for each variable. You need to have an additional variable like “LastVariableX”

  1. At the begin play event you need to make LastVariableX = VariableX
  2. After that each frame you need to check LastVariableX is equal to VariableX or not

I don’t want to check in the runtime.

When I’m editing a blueprint in UE editor, I want to get a list of all properties that have been modified in that blueprint.

Click the little eye on the top-right corner of the Details panel, and select “Show Only Modified Properties”.

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Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for.