Fighting Game Latency Sensitive. GGPO Support?

Our fighting game is very latency sensitive. We would love to add an ‘online’ option. Is there native support for GGPO in UE4, or an acceptable alternative with frame rollback?

Thanks for the help!

I think you need to ask mod to move to C++ forum. This is definitely not something you can do with just blueprints.

I was hoping to hear that the build in networking options had a relatively easy solution without delving into engine crashing territory (C++).

Reason being UE4 have their own networking pretty much centered on FPS type of multiplayer.
Guilty Gear Xrd is UE4, Tekken 7 is UE4 as well, so there definitely have room to tweak.
But to support GGPO directly, there has to have enough subscribed people requesting this feature.

Rising Thunder is an online-only free-to-play fighting game developed by the creator of GGPO using UE4. You might wanna hit them up about licensing “GGPO 3.”