Fifth Column

Currently, we’re a 8 piece team working on the Role-Playing Shooter Fifth Column. We love to get some feedback on our game.

Here are some development shots:

The gameplay allows you both to play the game as a traditional shooter, though you can also go for a more stealthy route involving picking locks, talking past enemies and being unassuming.

Great job, keep up the good work.

Alternate reality ww2? That’s awesome!
This looks good!
Looking forward to see more of it.
Will there be multiplayer as well?

We haven’t planned a multiplayer yet, as the current focus is on the story. It is definitely something we want to consider sooner or later!

could be far cry 2 :3 looks like it ^^ and it hasnt a good story… or good gameplay…

But well, wip :3

So who do you play as? A spy, a soldier, civilian resistance, nazi turncoat, soviet turncoat (theyre nazi allies in this yes?) ?

You play a British SOE agent. The Soviets are fractured between two factions: A Pro-Nazi puppet faction east of the Urals and an Anti-Nazi one which you will encounter in your travels and may or may not be your enemy. There are three resistance groups in Fifth Column including the aforementioned Soviet Resistance as well as the Armenian Fidayees and the Nakhchivani Clan.

Sounds like a rich environment for a story based game.
Are you planning to make the story more linear and cinematic, or will there be several missions to choose from, and different story branches?

I like the style you are going for. I will be keeping an eye on this.

We aim for branching storylines.