few questions

first off id like to start out by asking

1.why does the unreal engine engine keep freezing?
just the program freezes. every time i do something it freezes? ( for example, I wanted to make a folder called Textures, right clicks , , freezes ? ? )

2.I have no (programming/art) talent and never did anything of the sort before. im pretty much relying strictly on the blueprints visual language. will i need any prior knowledge on the C++ language ?

my version is 4.12.5
im just trying to expand my creativity and have fun in the process.

soo yeah, thanks

I don’t know why it freezes for you.
well if you have no talent for programming you better get some. :smiley: I mean blueprint language is also programming.
everyone starts small.

C++ knowledge will help you with blueprint. but if you want to learn programming, blueprint is a very good option to learn.

Hey magiCaps,

Does you computer meet Epic’s recommended hardwarerequirements for using Unreal Engine 4?

No, knowledge of C++ is an advantage in some instances but in general if you are a problem solver and can adjust to understanding how to execute programming in the correct order then you should be fine.
The Blueprint visual language is really great, I have not touched any C++ since I started using the tools and I have been on and off using it for just short of a year.
Just stick with it and I am sure you will be fine!