Few questions of one wanna be Indie Developer

Hi, so lately I got interested in making games and in Unreal 4 without any previous knowledge, I’m already making one simple game, umm simple to make but no so simple to play, I’m making and learning the things what’s coming in my way, there are alot tutorials out there.

Before I go too further with the game I wanna ask few questions to the community, I know things have been asked many many times, I’ve read the policies of Epic Games regarding Unreal engine if I’m not wrong anywhere -

  1. I can use (Commercial purpose,selling the game after finishing) all the assets that has been provided with the engine and in the market place (by epic games) to develop a game without modification or with modifications such as the Third person character, all the materials textures and even sounds without modifying or modifying the assets according to my needs? for ex. use the thirdperson as it is provided or just a little bit modification same goes to all the assets including starter content & sound as mentioned above and even fonts actually everything, TO MAKE GAME only I’m not talking about taking the assets and distributing em separately.

  2. I’m not thinking about 5% royalty on 3k usd per querter per game, if I would make any where near that I’d give more than that, I’ve to inform epic when enlisting for steam greenlight or after getting approved in steam greenlight.

  3. Good source (website) of Royalty free (Attribution free) sound effects to use in game? If I need to provide attribution where should I provide that? Can I use YouTube’s collection of free musics and sound effects?

  4. Starting as one Indie dev, I need to register/apply copyright for the game that I make and set the name of publishing company/studio, I need to make that? register that? if so how?

  5. Good time to list the game in steam greelight? my game is in currently early stage and I’ve plan to finish this within a or two months as it does not require much time. any other place worth listing? steam transfer fund to paypal/India? is 1$ would be good price for the game?

  6. Currently facing a few small problems, worth mentioning here,
    A) I was making the environment for very low light, like it would be in half moon light or less brightness than I notice if I play with low settings the brightness is quite low compared to if I play in high setting so how would I fix this and make this same for all the players playing either in high or low settings, the difference is quite big and it will have hugh impact as it would hamper the main USP i.e puzzle kinda,I’d set it to low postprocessing for all but that it looking hard to save the current post processing value than restore it.
    B) In the phase of loading, if it’s loading, the animation is hanged like any other thing during loading.
    C) When I’m entering menu (Created by widget blueprint) during gameplay, I need to click once first to activate the menu after that hovering color change works along with mouse click.

I’m sure there are more questions but can’t remember now, I’ll keep asking xD

Yes, As far as I understand it.

I believe you need to inform them before releaseing a game (maybe even Steam EarlyAccess/GreenLight) and then you only have to report your sales when it is over 3K(That is the way I understand it, I would probably just do reports when the sales come close).

There are some on this forum as well as

Here are some links I have:
Free Music Resource - Your Announcements -
(SoundImage) thread](A new site with royalty free music and soundscapes for your games - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums)
Completely free royalty free music. Just credit me. - Your Announcements -

You will just have to read there ToS and EULA

You will probably need a lawyer for the nitty gritty details, But you should have some (kinda) copyright automatically from creating the game.

I have read that some people recommend that you list once you have a viable product(something you could ship immediately).
A proper marketing plan is also necessary, At least what most people say.

Have you narrowed it down to just the light?
It may have to do with light culling on lower settings, Is the light static?

I believe only Slate(C++ UI) can draw during loading.
This looks good for a loading screen, I have seen an alternative that uses streaming levels (there is a tutorial somewhere here

There is a BP node to set focus, You can try that.
I will see what I am doing for the ingame menu, My main menu does the same thing as what you have(after going back there from a level).

First off, thanks for detailed answer.
About sound basically I was asking I need to provide credit in loading screen or just a separate credit page. But anyway I’ll check their lisencing page if anything mentioned like that.

Nope, I understand, basically I’m not that much serious about getting my game stolen, rather I’m seeking general information, like If I set a name for publishing company (Unique of course, not copied from someone else) also I’m outside USA, anything should I really do, like registering at any website kinda thing so that at some extent,it will be clear actually I registered the name first or I just don’t need to bother about this for now as I don’t have any plan to set a company in future rather in the sense that I have to use a publishing company name to publish the game or maybe it will look more professional to have a company name.

I noticed actually PostProcessing causing the situation, if I set other setting same other than post processing, that happens, it something to do with post processing also maybe the effect when we come to higher light to very low light cause temporary blindness kinda stuff also may effect as the light slowly keep increasing in the high post processing setting.

Let me describe the situation, I have two lights, one day light otheone moon light (both directional & already experimented with stationery & moveable) at event begin play, the day light is set to non visible (Toggle visibility) thus only moon light stays, at high setting even with moon light intensity set to 0.01 its quite clear (slowly increases) but at low settings nothing visible.

I’ll check.

Focus to gameviewport, or user focus, at the widget blueprint or after calling the widget in level blueprint, anyway I’ll experiment with all these.

I believe that would be a “Trade Mark” which I think you need to register for each country.
Here is a (EPIC) Live stream about “Sales & Marketing” that I found informative.

I think that has to do with automatic exposure settings, Like in most HDR games have eye adaption.

I was reading the FAQs of Stem & I found that either I’ve to provide my legal name as in the Bank account or corporation name having same with the bank account. Now my concern is - if I provide my real name, that would be displayed on game page?

Game Developer -> Real Name
Game publisher -> Real Name

Or I’ll be still able to provide one unique Game Developer/Publisher’s name (along with my legal name only visible to steam) that has nothing to do with my Bank Account, I mean the Bank Acc is in my name not in the name of Game developing corporation that I provided.