Feign death - ragdoll to stand-up


Does anyone have any pointers on imlpementing ragdoll-to-standup animation with 4.9. In my case when I try to go back to ragdoll my character starts spinning violently and eventually ends up in the air. I am using setallbodiesbelowsimulatephysics with root bone to enter phyisics and then blend back using timeline and setallbodiesbelowphysicsblendweight. I know that my general blending is working because if I use spine_01 as a bone for example the character will blend back fine. But when I try to use root or pelvis, the ragdoll collapses and leaves the capsule. Then on the way back it goes into this crazy spin and ends up in some random spot. Any ideas what I can do to get ragdoll to blend back to animation properly ? Thanks

Try this :slight_smile:




I posted a solution to this problem at the forums: Ragdoll 101 tutorial series - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Hope that helps.

Haven’t looked at all the tutorials yet but the end result looks impressive. Thanks for sharing !

You’re welcome. Just note that i use UE4.10 in the beginning and later on fix the animation dip you will eventually end up having if you use pre-UE4.11 Preview 2 (unless you use different animations ofc). So if you’re starting with a UE4.11 project anyway, just to try it out, you’re saving yourself a bit of work. But as i mention in the video, it doesn’t matter. The workflow i describe/show should work for 4.9 too. The key point is to make sure the root joint rotation is the same for all your animations.