Feet floating when retargeting animation to Genesis 8.1 character

The problem I am facing is depicted on attached gif.

I brought in Genesis 8.1 character into Unreal Engine using DazToUnreal plugin. I am trying to retarget set of animations to use in my locomotion. However, some animations (for example idle pose) are retargeted fine but others have problem with some offset applied to the feet so the character seems like floating above the ground (exactly like on attached gif).

As you can see on the animation, it looks like the IK control (the yellow cube) is moved to the correct position, but the foot will not reach it from some reason. At the beginning of the animation the feet are at correctly at the position of IK controls.

It looks like leg chains are pulled towards the pelvis instead of the ground but I have no idea how to fix this.

Does anybody have an idea how to deal with this?