Feedback - Twinmotion wishlist improvements

We have just started using Twinmotion as part of our ArchiCAD suite this week so VERY new to the scene. We hope to replace our current Artlantis software with Twinmotion eventually. Our business designs Exhibition and Trade show displays so some of the Twinmotion features are great compared to the static views in Artlantis. There are a few improvements that would make our projects much easier.

  1. Custom Decals - we apply alot of graphic application to our designs and need the flexibilty to apply fixed size decals over surfaces rather than a texture that covers the entire surface. We have a workaround using posters but it is not a flexible or easily applied as is could be if we could drag a custom decal to the location required. It would also give more flexiblity with shape
  2. Custom Backgrounds - our displays sit within large exhibition halls. Again, we have a workaround but not as good as the ability to create our own background.
  3. custom Output size - currently there are 3 option for view output size. The ability to set a custom output size would be handy.
  4. Ability to save textures with the model. Not sure if this is possible but we have mutliple system in our office and often the a file my have to be opened on another workstation. The textures locat themselves on the individual workstation and need to be copied across. This may already be possible, just don’t know how to do it.

I have attached a few early renders showing the type of projects we produce.