Feedback Request Free iOS Game

Hi all

i have recently released my first game on iOS and i need some feedback on different devices, so if you would kindly download my game CURRENTLY FREE

what id like to know is

1 device
2 iOS version
3 how many fighters on screen before frame-rate drops (iPad2=24 iPhone5=32)
4 splash screen orientation should be landscape (Known issue appears upside down on iPhone5)
5 that Tilt input is working (Known issue no tilt input iPad Air iOS 8.1.3 this is fixed with update to iOS 8.2)
6 Any other issues or suggestions you may have

this information is important to me and maybe useful to others here possibly even yourself.
So please download, enjoy and then take 2 minuets of your time post you’re results here i’d be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

Alan Webster

Sup dude. Will download later today and give some feedback. Screens look good though :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty neat game. Tilt, works well. I think the UI feels a bit crowded and I can’t read the black text buttons on my screen but I am getting old man eyes. On first play, I didn’t get the goal of the game but my sound was off.
I’ll try to write back after I have had a chance to play it more.

1.Ipone 5
2.iOS 8.2
3.16v16 no real noticeable frame drop
4.No issue
5.Tilt works
6.A option for non tilt controls tilt can be a pain in the *** sometimes.
Hope this helped in some way!