[Feedback] Quixel does it right.

First off thanks for the free stuff. No complaints when something is free. :wink:

As feedback I’ve been looking at Quixel for some time now but could not justify the price tag as to wanting something but not curtain that I would have a long term use as compared to other free resources available. Issue solved.

After playing with the bridge for a while I was amazed how simple it was to window shop for a materiel and how well it was delivered and usable will little or no additional work.

I’m writing as my impression is this is how all assets and content should be delivered as a CMS solution from the market place with out haveing to also make the entire tree package visible to the project when only one tree is required and in the process bloating the browser with unused assets.

What do I like?

I like how the export to Unreal automatically downloads all of the images and places them in a structured folder. I like how a parent materiel is created and the usable material is created as an instance. I like how addition material, after the first, is also done as an instance following best practice.

What I would like to see in the future?

The fact that this tool does the work for me it would be nice to have the option to let Quixel also create other material types, like landscape and vertex paint, which would be a huge time saver.
It would also be nice if assets purchased from the market place could be delivered through the bridge so that I can select the one perfect tree from a resource collection of ten.

Last I’ll say nicely done as to providing a resource that actually works and I’m looking forward to being able to paint in mixer 2020 :smiley: