[Feedback/question] Blueprint/C++ integration


I’ve spent a few days looking into using UObjects as the data structures, or creating USTRUCTs with UFUNCTIONs inside. It seems there is no way to create a simple class/structure (and not an actor) that contains some data and some operations to be used as a variable inside the blueprints.

Link to the question and my little findings.

Also while searching for some solutions over the net I’ve found a nice tutorial. But it also doesn’t solve the main problem.

Is there any chance that USTRUCTs with UFUNCTIONs would be allowed in the future releases or that some kind of object initializer would be included into blueprint functionality (so we could instantiate an object referenced by a variable of ‘object reference’ type)?

As I see from the questions around answerhub a lot of people are looking for/wish for this functionality.