Feedback on Documentation Update Transparency

I appreciate the effort that the documentation team is putting forward, but I would like to suggest that you guys set up a way for users to see what your latest efforts have been, in regards to updates in the documentation. Whether you choose to set up a documentation twitter that announces when documentation pages have been created or updated or a little link off of the front page of the documentation, it would be very nice (and reassuring to the users) to be able to actively find the new documentation sections. Right now the process is very opaque, much like thick paint, It’s difficult to actually see whats going on underneath the documentation curtain, since there is no up to date location to find the latest and the greatest in documentation updates. The most recent official and central location for finding out about learning resource is the following link:
Learning Resource Updates! - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums!

So if possible could the documentation team setup a way of showing what resources have been added or updated, so that when new documentation comes out people can easily find the new information?

Hey Cidubic!
Currently we do announce in a way the new Docs/Learning resource updates . . . they just have been merged into the Release Notes, like here: Unreal Engine 4.6 Released! - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums!
Appears just like Lauren’s post about learning resource updates, they just have their own section within the release notes. Release notes are even posted in that same forum thread ( Announcements & Releases ).
Hope this helps! if individual learning resource posts would be beneficial it might be worth talking about further.

Have a most epic weekend my friend !