Feedback on "Create a Sprite Particle Effect in Niagara"

Great tutorial - but I think they forgot to use the subuv animation module. ( The tutorial uses an 8x8 sprite sheet, but the entire effect just uses the first frame ).

There should be a step to add a subuv animation module to the particle update stage set to 64 images.…ect/index.html

Otherwise, great tutorial.

Hey OptimisticMonkey! Thanks for your kind words and feedback. I’ve made a ticket and passed this along so we can look into updating this doc. Please let us know if you spot anything else we should look into!

Hey there **OptimisticMonkey. **I fixed the problem you noticed; added a step for adding the SubUV Animation module and another for the module settings. We usually publish on Wednesdays, so you should be able to see the updated page sometime late Wednesday or on Thursday. Thanks again for pointing this out, and I’m glad you thought it was a good tutorial!