[Feedback] If Actor has no components, need to tell user this when dragging it

I noticed that when compiling C++ classes in Unreal Engine 4, and dragging them directly into the scene, I do not get any visual feedback or any cues that tells me the actor has no root component (GetRootComponent() returns NULL), or something is wrong with the actor that is blocking me from placing it into the scene, such as the need to recompile the actor.

Before knowing this, I spent roughly a full day (spanning 2 days) just on this issue alone.

Can this be changed, so that the editor can give visual cues to the end user?


Actual title should be: Need visual cues telling user if their Actors have problems.

Thank you for your ideas about visual indications when dragging an instanced code class into the scene. I have submitted a feature request (UE-12574) for consideration on how to address this issue.