Feedback: Dealing with launcher is unpleasant.

This is feedback.

Dealing with the launcher has been consistently unpleasant. I did not have smooth installation process since 4.10.1, not even once. (I’m on Win7 64bit)

Upgrading/installing the engine takes a lot of time, basically it spends hours chewing my HDD every time I need to update the engine or install newer version.
Installation of a new engine version (4.10.x, 4.11.x) usually fails with some sort of error message, which I then need to google. Usually, prerequisites fail to install one way or another, this time I got “Error 0” message which is apparently caused by having skype open.

I also found amusing quirk today where the launcher will calculate necessary free space BEFORE verifying existing installation. Meaning, if you attempt to install 15GB version, but installation fails somewhere near 100%, launcher will refuse to resume the installation if you have less than 15GB space, even though most of the components are already there.

Isn’t there some better delivery mechanism than launcher? Or can’t you guys somehow improve it?
I see game-related tabs on it, but, honestly, I’m only interested in the engine, not in the games made with the engine, so it feels like there should be two separate launchers for gamers and developers. Or something.

Either way it would be nice to have better experience, and faster/better delivery/update mechanism for the engine :-\

Reply is not necessary, I just hope someone will look into this at some point.