Feedback - Blueprint Struggles and Advice

Was hoping for some feedback from some more experienced of you! Having a bit of a struggle getting “Blueprints” to be understood. I think that by far the biggest roadblock I am having is that the majority if not near total sum of many online video tutorials, text tutorials, wiki walkthroughts etc. CERTAINLY tell you WHAT to do and HOW to do it…but less often the WHY.

I know that everyone learns differently, and for someone maybe familiar with programming or maybe with the engine itself, the HOW and the WHAT to use show in a “tutorial” is sufficient. I just cannot LEARN by following a tutorial, and my goal isent to follow a tutorial on HOW to make a game or WHAT to put WHERE. I’d like to understand WHY I am putting this object there and knowing WHY I should be looking for that specific node type. How do I learn the fundementals of WHY that node is going to do what I need it to do in a particular situation.

Can ANYONE suggest or recommend a better course of action? I already know Im going to get a few people that will direct me to Epics Walkthroughts (Again walkthroughs arent helping explain to me WHY i need to place WHAT where it is, only that I need to place it there to do something) - Iv struggled there because most of Epics video series is outdated by 1 to 2 years and many of the nodes or actions they showcase no longer exist or have been modified as version roll on. Same for a good number of the tutorials Iv been watching and looking at.

I’m at a loss as to where I seem to be gapping at specifically, so feel free to ask questions! Iv tried a few online “courses” but the one I tried on Udemy is (again) What to place and How to place, not WHY i need to place it). The content examples in marketplace were somewhat helpful but the documentation provided started to trail into a bunch of lists versus a blow by blow of each node placement and what it did. Maybe its my OCD - but I would just love a step by step breakdown and to WHY something goes here, WHY it the node to use vs a hundred plus others or something similar to it that SOUNDS like it does the same thing. Man I’d PAY for a course on that, I’d pay someone to TEACH me that lol

I’m beginning to think that unless I just buckle down to learn C++, Blueprints is going to be a BAD way to introduce myself to UE4.

BTW - Im serious if anyone legit wants to discuss a few hours of shoulder to shoulder breakdown with me Id be willing to discuss!

BP’s , and also for seasoned ue4 users ( or so I hear) is a visual programming interface, versus throwing someone in c++ with little to no programming experience.

The ‘why’, is something you learn only by watching tutorials, whether text or video based.

C++ is no different, you learn ‘why’ by going from beginner forward.

You learn the why of driving a car, by experiencing driving with initially basic knowledge of ‘how’.

It might help if you showed us where you are stuck and what you are trying to do.

Game development is a huge field and depending on your experience , will take you literally years, in almost all cases, to understand all it can offer and do for you.

I have a videocam if you want we can hookup sometimes, if this explanation isn’t enough and a more visual experience might help.