[FeatureRequest] "Fast snap" and "Fast replace" hotkeys


First of all thanks so much for the hard work on the Unreal Engine 4. It’s such a wonderful and powerful tool!

I’m an environment artist and I work A LOT with modular pieces. I’d like to request two simple features that would make working with them a whole lot easier:

  • Fast Snap: A hotkey to snap the selected actor (or group) to another actor, that your mouse is pointing at.
  • Fast Replace: Same as before, but instead of snapping it replaces the original actor with what your mouse is pointing at.

Last but not least, it would be awesome to be able to select a material on the actor details screen and paste it on another. Right now to this you have to click on the magnifying glass and drag and drop the material to the new one. With this feature I could just copy the material arrangement once and paste it as many times as I want. Another use that I see for this is that if you import a bunch of modular pieces with several materials at once, you could apply the materials to one piece and then copy/paste the material arrangement to the other pieces.

Let me know if these are too confusing and I can provide mockups.

Thanks in advance!