[FEATURE REQUEST] Workspace streaming

Maybe many of us have already seen or even tried streaming platforms and services for games.
Why not do the same, but for creating these games, for visualizations, and other projects? Work in UE4 is not as critical to input lags as the games themselves.
And users for a small fee will be able to use high performance hardware for stable and advanced work for creating more and more epic and fantastic projects.
For break dependency from hardware and allow people to use any device with internet access. Every notebook, tablets or smartphones ))
Lets do virtual UE4 workspace with streaming access!

That’s not really something that is practical for a company like Epic to do, you need servers in locations near your location for it to work well and that is very expensive to have enough coverage. There are other companies that can do that if you really want to, you can even set up something with Amazon’s service if you want. Though I wouldn’t recommend relying on streaming, the lag really is a problem.