[Feature Request] - Volumetric Lighting / Fog

I have read that this feature is in the Epic bucket list, however I didn’t see any Volumetric Lighting or Volumetric Fog task listed on the Unreal Roadmap other than volumetric light-shafts.

I used volumetric lighting volumes in UE3 fairly frequently to create some very cool environmental effects. I know there are ways to simulate or fake volumetric lighting/fog effects (i.e. materials), however I really miss the capability of adding in a volume within the editor that has the capability to perform the volumetric effects.

I’d simply like know that this capability isn’t dropped from Epic’s wish list and I would like to have the community be able to vote on this feature on the RoadMap.


The volumetric light shafts is what you want–think spotlights that are truly volumetric instead of the current post-process effect. There’s a few games that have it like Alien: Isolation/GTAV/The Last of Us.