[Feature Request] Vertex Painter Isolation

Hey, I use vertex color a fair bit in my materials to add layers of detail to the environment. I’ve been using the in-Engine painting tools for this because I can see exactly when the outcome will be and it’s just easier than finding and reimporting the model.

I’m posting to suggest some additional features that would get some extra control out of the tool.

  1. Toggle ‘Paint by Material’. This will isolate the brush to the specific material clicked first and not spread to others around it. This is useful because the color masks I need for one material might be opposite of what I need for another. The result in the current method is the edges fight each other.

  2. Toggle, ‘Paint by Submesh’. Large meshes will have isolated polygons that have no connecting verts/faces (The boards on the window for example). This would allow me to paint the area of the board alone, or the wall without painting the boards. Like the previous setting, it is determined by which face was selected first.

  3. Lastly, ‘Paint Faces/Paint Vertices’. Currently I can only paint vertices, but vertex color is capable of hard-edges. This is the goal, to be able to paint a hard break alone the line between faces.

These features would greatly improve the in-engine vertex painter for my purposes. Thanks for reading!