[Feature Request] Vector Normals for Morphs

A very small request, (I would imagine) I would love to get vector normal importing for morphs. Whether this takes the form of importing from an FBX’s vector normals for each morph, or importing another model’s normals (save skeletal mesh with morphs as FBX, save individual morphs as models with the correct vertex normals as FBX, import Skeletal Mesh with morphs, import morph vertexes from second model) I can see a lot of good coming from it.

A perfect example of this: Take a female human model of average weight. Now create a morph for that model of her, very fat. Now, preserving the vertex normals of the mesh when it’s all together, cut the model along the belly to provide a top and bottom model. (Useful for modular characters.) Currently, if you imported such a model, when you activate the fat morph, the vertex normals used are the ones for the skinny model, and creates a very visible seam along her belly.

If Morphs had their own vertex normals, I could import the proper normals with the morphs, and be able to set the morph without a horrible rendering seam scarring her stomach. This would open the door for player characters of multiple body types using the same model, but still be highly modular.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi Kjasi,

Thank you for your report, we will take this into consideration.