[Feature request] Time-Of-day system by default

Can Epic please add this feature as a default feature in the upcoming releases? I do understand that adding major features is hard and not easy to develope, but it would be really nice with this feature built into the editor, so we dont have to use external plugins for this.

I’m against it. It would mean that Games that don’t need it, get a Time of Day System.
Time Of Day is pretty easy to implement btw.

I also know that more features like this will have a performance
impact on the editor, so I can understand that. Yes, Time-Of-Day
can be easy but still it would be nice with a proffesional
solution by Epic them self. They got the sequenser now,
so with a Time-Of-Day, UnrealEngine would be complete.

How that would work by default? In empty scene you don’t have sky or sun. Indoors levels does not need those. How about city lights only enabled on nights. This is not feature that can be slapped top of the general engine.

I agree that many games do not need a time of day system and that it is easy to make.