[FEATURE REQUEST] Sequencer and Take Recorder FPS

Sequencer always defaults to 30 fps. Take Recorder always defaults to 24 fps. If you create in sequencer using the defaults and then start up Take Recorder to record something to add such as a facial performance and add that to the sequence you will end up with mismatched tracks.

If you quit and come back later to do more work on a sequence or tape recorder they revert back to their defaults rather than what you were using.

If you create a level and add Take Recorder before doing anything in Sequencer the sequence will lock into fps of the Take Recorder. If you change fps in Take Recorder the sequence will match fps. However if you add a new sequence it will not match Take Recorder when you change fps.

Suggestions: Have a Project based setting for FPS so you don’t have to worry about why defaults are different between related components and don’t have to set fps every time you start up and don’t have to double check that they match. It would be nice if locking the fps together was done in a consistent manner and be controllable.