[Feature Request] - Seamless Auto-Tessellation Scaling

Hi Epic,
My latest feature request revolves around the automatic tessellation of assets and the effects that scaling has on those meshes.

I’ve seen a lot of posts in the pasts regarding this capability, but I haven’t seen any that would indicate that the Seams will be fixed when scaling a mesh that is undergoing vertex morphing via materials.

The best example I have seen of this would be the VAOcean plugin, which uses a planar sheet of triangles as the waters surface, which then has the tessellation enabled. When I do not scale the mesh, the automatic tessellation works perfectly, however as the surface is scaled the vertex morphing seems become much more apparent.

This isn’t as high on my wish list as Volumetric lighting/fog or Transparent materials with Specular support, but it is something I have noticed that could benefit from some TLC. Will this be added to the Roadmap at some point in time?

Thanks again,
Mike C.

This is on the Roadmap, but isn’t voted very high. Besides, it’s an active area of research so Epic could put a lot of work into it, just to have a better solution crop up and then a need to refactor what they just did.

I don’t think it’s a very high priority for almost anyone, no LOD popping is cool, and less memory for models is cool, but anything that can handle models with that high of density mesh has enough ram anyway. So I’m not sure it’ll be the highest priority, nor perhaps should it be at the moment.