[Feature Request] SceneCaptureReflect Actor


I’m here to request the SceneCaptureReflectActor back from UDK to Unreal Engine 4, since it was a really useful feature for creating mirrors or reflective planar surfaces, wich is missing in this new engine. SceneCapture2D doesn’t bring satisfying results for that task as seen in this thread:

[Mirror material?](Mirror material? - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums"Mirror material?") - posted by jazvecina.

Screen Space Reflections wouldn’t fit for this kind of problem, since is based on what is shown in the screen and if you look directly in front of a mirror it must reflect what is behind you, but SSR can’t see since it’s not on screen (SSR is better for other uses).

So it would be great to see this feature back to the engine as soon as possible to solve those issues.


Bump! I’d like to see this reimplemented as well.

Same here ! its really important feature for me.