[FEATURE REQUEST] Please add full -DUMPMOVIE and -DUMPTILED support to Matinee Editor

I think most would agree that this should already function in this manner many people are using UnrealEngine for outputting movies and that number is growing rapidly not that it is free.

I know that I’m not alone in wanting full -DUMPMOVIE, -DUMPTILED capabilities inside the Matinee editor. The user shouldn’t have to package and jump thru a bunch of hoops to get to these features that should be available from the movie button in the editor.

Along with the ability to treat the Matiness camera or actor as a pawn see request here. This will go a long way towards enabling great cinematic output from Unreal

Dude, it will not happen faster because you spam the forum.

Separate things troll


Hi James Barnette,

Please do not bump threads that have not gone unanswered for 4 or more days. This clutters the forums and makes it extremely difficult to parse through information.