[FEATURE REQUEST] Morph loader after the fact.

Just watched “Getting Started with Character Morph Targets” and some interesting information but a key feature that we are looking for and waiting on is the ability to load a valid target into Unreal 4 after the base player model has bee imported. We have figured out a work around based on our needs but the idea that we are working on is to use the Genesis 3 frame work, which we already have an indy license for, to make modified shapes using Z-Brush and then activate the target in Unreal 4.

At the moment everything works great as the license gives us access to both morphing as well as cluster shaping but things like the eyes for example bugs out due to the additive nature where the shape is preformed and bake to the base shape in 3ds Max. If we could import after the fact then a player model can then easily be reshaped using Daz Studio, 3ds Max, or Z-Brush and the cluster shaping will just work as if it’s just another morph shape in 3ds max’s stack.