[FEATURE REQUEST] Material nodes *spaghetti* collapse into macro

Since learning the ropes with material node based development, it can be quite fun, however, my huge problem is everything turns into spaghetti code. So quite often I try to modularize everything, but in some cases even connecting up variables adds more wires everywhere.

So I would like to request a way to collapse nodes into a macro (similar to that of blueprints), this will help make things much tidier and easier to work with.

That’s what Material Functions are for.

I don’t want to place everything into functions, lets say i’m calling a function which has 10 inputs… i make 10 variables and hook them up, it is a complete mess… it would be great to just collapse them with the possibility to quickly expand them (no opening separate files, or calling additional functions)

I would agree that Material Nodes could benefit with the alignment and collapsing features of Blueprints.