Feature request: Material editor shows the name of missed texture

Hi! We need to add simple functionality. It can be a string that shows last texture before it was missed. The name of that texture is already in .uasset file, but not shows in editor.

Also I found a question about it:

How to find out missing input texture in material?

Hack solving:
Open this file .uasset in editor (I use Total commander). Find by search (Ctrl + F) all used textures with prefix “T_”. Also you can exclude ones that you can see in Unreal Editor.

This is a good feature request. I have passed it on to our database.

In the meantime, you can check out the error messages that were generated in your log by going window -> dev tools -> message log or the main log (window -> dev tools -> output log, as well as in your project\saved\logs folder) and you will be able to see the names of missing assets there. But it won’t say what exact node is missing it, just which materials couldn’t find which textures.