Feature request: Lower hemisphere intensity

I’m not sure this is the proper place, but I would like to request the possibility to be able to adjust the amount of light from the lower hemisphere when using Skylights. There are many cases where I want just a fraction of the light from the lower hemisphere, and a slider to control the amount would be great =)

I would love this as well. In fact, I’d even like to be able to change the color of the lower hemisphere. Tinting it or even just setting the color with a color picker would be really handy.

I’ve managed to cheat around this problem by placing a giant plane object under your scene and leaving the LowerHemisphere black option off. Then, by controlling the material of that plane you will be able to adjust the amount of “bounced” light (as Skylight will capture it). Or use flipped direct light and set MinRoughness to 1, this will also create an illusion of some diffuse light bouncing.

That’s good thinking, BrickTop, I’ll try that.