[FEATURE REQUEST] LiveLink Face recording modes options.

Facial mocap through LiveLink is amazing feature! There are 3 recording modes, and the 3rd one is triggering from Take recorder: *If you are connected through Live Link to one or more instances of Unreal Engine, and you initiate recording from the Take Recorder in the Unreal Editor interface instead of initiating the recording from your iPhone or the OSC interface, your performance will **not **be saved to the iPhone. It will **only *be recorded in the Take Recorder on your computer.

For my pipeline, I need to have the CSV file of each recording, but I also have other LiveLink sources, vcam, body mocap, etc. So in order to start all the recordings and have the CSV file I need to trigger the recording from LiveLink Face, which is not always practical (and from my first try didn’t record to take recorder, was just streaming to the editor). So the option to save the CSV to the iPhone even if the recording is triggered from the Take recorder will be very helpful for the pipeline, since we can’t easily export Moprh animation out of UE4 for now (which will basically eliminate the need of CSV for this case)