[FEATURE REQUEST] List of most requested features for Engine, Launcher & Marketplace!

  1. Improved Multiplayer game Support, especially for MMOs. (So many Unreal Marketplace assets can’t even be used in a multiplayer game as they lack replication! This also means less people buying said assets and Epic making less money because of it.)
  2. Increased world bounds (Double Point Precision) for massive multiplayer games without bugs like the breaking down of physics or malfunction of meshes.
  3. More gravity options, for instance a placeable volume that alters the gravity amount within it, as well as an option to reverse the gravity direction within said volume in whatever direction you like. Also mesh based gravitational pull. Also AI navigation around said gravity differences & meshes.
  4. Virtual Texturing. (Apparently it is finally actually being implemented!)
  5. Fully featured Linux Unreal Engine Launcher & Engine.
  6. An alternative officially supported coding program that isn’t owned by Microsoft so we don’t have to use Visual Studio etc.
  7. Implement Voxel features in the engine akin to Voxelfarm’s voxel landscape so we don’t have to resort to third party plugins, and websites that are not on the marketplace.
  8. Encourage and aid more content creators to put their free assets on the marketplace instead of on the forums amongst shady or broken weblinks.
  9. Better quality control over Unreal Marketplace assets. There are some in there that need to be fixed and should be removed until then.
  10. Remove the upvoting and downvoting of posts both on the forums and marketplace as it seems pointless & can create a bad atmosphere.
  11. Remove rule for not having nudity on the marketplace as there are many good models that customers could use in their games.
  12. Notify Marketplace authors of when they have a new comment/post about their assets.
  13. Add a customer support forum page for each asset(on its page) on the marketplace so customers have a better way to get help from an author besides the very limited comment section.