[FEATURE REQUEST] Global defaults for plugin on/off states

As you may know, support of VR in UE4 has introduced a lot of new problems, such as this one Blueprint example project broken due to the VR plugins - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Also, it is generally quite frustrating workflow to have to manually disable VR plugins for every newly created project in order to prevent VR apps such as Oculus Home and Steam VR from launching every time play session is initiated in the editor.

Therefore, I propose addition of “Save as default” button in Plugins editor window, which once presed, would capture on/off state of the plugins, and would set these states up for any newly created projects. This button would be accompanied by “Reset to factory settings”, which would reset plugin on/off states to the original state had any problem occurred.

Thank you.

Nope, Epic should rather fix VR-related issue (mentioned in the link above) and disable all VR plugins in project by default.
This is only wa to finally fix issues for every person who bough a non-VR Unreal game and has Oculus connected.

The issue was just an example. The request is not just VR Plugin related. There are for example some other plugins I would like to have enabled by default every time I create a new project. Instead of always having to go over a written down list of things I want to toggle on or off, I could just simply configure my plugin on/off states, save that once for all, and have it set up every time a new project is created.

Oh, I got you now. And it could be useful for plugins from marketplace or our own plugins :slight_smile: