Feature Request - Fully implemented simple to use water system

So I understand that UE4 is a work in progress but this is something that has been seriously lacking with the engine ever since UE3/UDK and I think its a vitally important feature that should be implemented ASAP.

Now I realize that with the current build you can roughly simulate water via placing a post process volume and a physics volume but its really terrible and time consuming to do this. Now I’ve seen the other Feature request for a working Ocean system and I noted that the first reply stated that “Epic tends to focus on the underlying low level systems to enable you to build your own implementations” but I think this is a total cop-out for a top tier gaming engine. Water is one of those key systems that every engine should have built in and you should be able to add it to your world in a single volume that handles everything. The post process, the water material and the physics (not to mention sound effects and the ability to swim rather than run through the water.

So I’m going to request this again. Cry engine has a fully implemented water system that can handle anything from puddles to oceans and I think UE4 really needs this as well and I don’t think the community should have to be the ones to build it especially when its such a core feature.

Here’s an example of a community member doing awesome things and then suddenly abandoning the project before it becomes a plugin Project: FluidSurface Plugin - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

If you agree with me, please reply below so we can hopefully show Epic that this is something a lot of us care about.

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You could just port the logic directly from UDK if you really wanted it - just a quick pointer there.

Thank you Pierdek. Anyone else who agrees should just Like Pierdek’s comment (Thumbs up icon below his name).

UDK doesn’t have a system like this either. Besides if I knew how to do this, I wouldn’t be asking Epic to implement it.

As I recall, Epic is releasing a water content pack along with the 4.7 release. While it may not be a final solution, it is certainly a wonderful step in the right direction. The water looks very cool, and has a number of exciting features.

You can view their twitch stream preview here: Water Pack Overview, New Launcher & More | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube

WOOT! Sounds awesome!