Feature Request for Metahuman Creator

Having only just done EPIC’s quick Learn course on using the Metahuman Creator, I am blown away and very excited to start using it! They look so good. The UI is really nice (simple, clear, nice-looking); better yet, what it can do looks way beyond awesome.

So acknowledging I’ve just started using it, I wanted to submit a feature / wishlist request:

It would be useful to have a “SNAPSHOT” button in the Blend, Move and Scult tools interfaces.

Something like the AfterEffects Snapshot function, which is so simple but surprisingly useful. It makes it very easy to compare a current revision in progress to a “snapshot-ed” previous version.

(In AE, there is a camera icon/button in the interface, which takes the snapshot of your project viewport, and an eye icon you press and hold to bring up that cached snapshot in the viewport again for quick comparison to your current version.)

Thank you so much!

Ps. While I’m wishing … if there were a way to cache more than one (say, 3) snapshots and make it possible to scroll to and select a prior-version snapshot in a dropdown to revert to the version represented by the selected snapshot, that would be amazing. However, I understand that some types of edits in the Metahumans Creator are destructive, not additive, so perhaps adding a Revert functionality to Snapshot would not be possible. FWIW, that’s not part of AE’s snapshot feature either. Just would be extra awesome. – Thank you again!