[FEATURE REQUEST] float3 Specular Color Option


  • Surface Materials get an additional bool named ‘Use Specular Color’ located below ‘Use Material Attributes’.
  • If enabled, the Specular input of the material changes from float to float3.
  • If enabled, Specular output is scaled per color channel.
  • The toolip of ‘Use Specular Color’ mentions, that the effect is only visible when using non-metallic materials.


  • Specular Color may be used for greater artistic freedom.


  • ?

I’m working on an environment scene for a small-scale fantasy rpg. For a variety of reasons, I’m not aiming for a realistic look.
UE4 is an absolute dream, and PBR is perfect for approaching realism.
However, everything that gets lit by specularity becomes greyish/white, respectively the color of the light source. I cannot get rid of a greyish shimmer throughout the scene, unless I scale down Specularity to the point where it is barely visible. I would like to have the sand become warmer when lit, and the rocks a bit colder, while leaving my base values unchanged.