[Feature Request] Failed Plugins

I have run into this a few times and is fairly straight forward to manually fix, but with code plugins and plugins soon coming to the marketplace I think this will be a needed feature for others. Missing plugins (in this case), or broken plugins (with no source to recompile), can present this problem.

Note: i know this particular issue is a bug with 4.8, but i know it will arise with plugins in the future :slight_smile: .


  1. In my case, I flipped a plugin on, restarted editor, and plugin failed to load (as screenshot said). My project isn’t using the plugin at all. There could be a auto “quick recover” option to easily undo the plugin for me.
  2. This is suggestion would be better for more advance cases (plugin previously working/plugin being used in project). Provide more information on how to resolve this (show where they can remove plugin, contact plugin maker, recompile source, check /… directory, etc).

Hope this makes sense.