[FEATURE REQUEST] Expose PostProcess Stencil Testing to Instance Paramters


My feature request is that these new Stencil Testing options in Post Process Materials, introduced in 4.23 be exposed in such a way that they can be edited on Material Instances.

This would make it a lot easier when making “AR Portals” as right now, it requires that variations of the material with different stencil compare settings are used (or all meshes in the scene having their stencil values changed.)

Here’s a reference video for a Unity equivalent setup if anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the technique:

This has been possible in UE4 to some degree but recent rendering bugs put a halt to it, last build I was able to get this effect working was Google 4.21 AR branch. It should be possible in 4.24 and I’ll hopefully get a template out, but this feature request will greatly simplify the setup