[Feature request] Doc Collaterals

Hi Epic team.

Over time I seem to always wind back on the same pitfalls within the documentation. And those are lack of content examples.

Could you not make it so that sample files are available for download straight from the docs page as they often were in the wiki?

This extends to most of the docs content however the things you should have available but aren’t - which are crucial to our learning and using the engine - are generally the sample meshes or at least some ideas on the needed UVs and setups.

I find this to be true with Billboard setups, Impostors, and also character hair.
They are likely avaliable if you poke through the content examples enough, but the process of searching for something like a billboard in order to understand how to set it up properly is pretty lengthy.
It would be much more beneficial to provide even a visual sample in the page - like you do for UV mapping for instance.(particularly true for the Impostors page. I just can’t get those to display correctly on a mesh)

The issue however goes beyond a simple visual at times.
Particularly this extends to the 4.24 new features stuff.

I would love to try and use the new hair system. I have no idea what the almembic file for the groom should be or look like, or if Blender can even produce the same thing as maya/3dsmx.

Testing without any clue whatsoever - are they just curves in there? Is probably going to take me forever. Having a file to DL and poke around with would make it a thousand times faster…