[FEATURE REQUEST] Capability to move/copy functions/macros/dispatchers from one blueprint to another

If I was working with code I could simply copy paste the code. But with blueprints, I have not found a way to move and/or copy a function from one blueprint to another. I have found that sometimes (more often than I would like, since I am new to game dev) I make a function/macro/dispatcher in a child blueprint, and then later realize I should have implemented the logic in one of the parent classes instead, and then have to recreate the function and copy paste the blueprint nodes and remake connections. It would be amazing to be able to right click a function and copy/paste to another blueprint, and maybe even automatically (option?) create variables referenced in function which exist in the blueprint the function was originally created (as well as copying/creating local variables used in the function).

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A bit late but for anyone who ants to know:
But R-Click function, Click copy, go to destination blueprint R-click the “Functions” bar, click Paste Function.
Works with Macros, just have to click “Paste Macro” instead.