[Feature Request] Blueprint context menu quick shortcut binding

Would it be possible to get a way to quickly add in shortcuts to blueprint nodes?

A way that I see it working is that in the context menu, you could add in a a button on the far right of the highlighted action for binding the highlight action (similar to setting a node as a favorite). On clicking on the bind button, a dialog box opens up prompting you to enter the shortcut to be used (so for example ‘p’ for ‘print string’). Then you can confirm it. Then on left clicking in the editor with the new shortcut key being held it would then create that node. The dialog box could also be used to display any conflicts with the key you are looking to use.

Reason I suggest it be in the context menu is that it then allows it to be set by on a per user basis, so people working on the level scripting side could have a set that they find useful and then people working on more game function blueprints could have a different set.