Feature Request: Basic Overrides for Blueprint Actors

As you may know, there are multiple ways you can modify static meshes. You can edit a static mesh directly and change its collision, material, lightmap resolution, visiblity, and movability status (whether static or movable).

You can also change these settings on a per mesh basis simply by editing the static mesh details from the “details” tab, after placing the mesh somewhere in your map. I’ll call this “overriding” so that things are easy to understand. I’m able to override collision, lightmap resolution, visiblity, movability, material, etc etc.

With that in mind, this makes blueprints “actors” seem very restricted. When placing a blueprint actor into the map, a lot of these basic overrides are missing, and must be built into your blueprints manually. So, if I want to change the collision of an entire blueprint from a convenient dropdown menu, I must create a blueprint (nodes? or scripts?) for each and every single blueprint actor that specifically caters to collision.

I can speed this process up using blueprint macros. Bare in mind, I’m still extremely new to all of this, so I’m fumbling my way through this.

Long story short, I would like the ability to do a very “quick and dirty” override on blueprint actors, which would save LOTS of time, and offer similar functionality to regular static meshes.

So, on every placed “Blueprint actor”, I believe there should be settings in the “details” tab for overriding collision, lightmap resolution, movability (this includes meshes and any pointlights, or any and all included components), material, and visiblity.

These are such basic overrides, that I believe all blueprints should have these.

Now, I do realize that blueprints can become very complex, and these overrides would not always be useful. For more specific needs, performing such a quick and dirty override would be too encompassing. However, with that said, I still believe there should be some quick and dirty form of override for blueprints.

Just to clarify, I realize I can already override from the “components” area of a blueprint, but that’s not what I’m after. I would like to be able to do this on a “per” blueprint actor basis from the main perspective viewport, so that I can make “on the fly” decisions.

Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Hey Neil-

I have submitted your feature request to our internal tracking system (UE-4803) for consideration. Thanks for the idea and let us know if there are other feature ideas that could help improve the engine.