FEATURE REQUEST: Ability to Add Grid Snapping Descriptions

I want to be able to enter in a description in a textbox next to each Decimal Grid Sizes value I add that is displays when I’m selecting the value in the Position Grid Snap Value, I want this to display next to the right side of the value.

How can this be useful?

With all the added numbers it can become confusing and hard to remember what I’m using the different snap values for, so I would be able to add a note next to each individual measurement I use specifically and be able to quickly identify it’s usage without needing to go back through my notes or memorizing all the values, for instance, a measurement for a standard 8 foot wall, and so on would be typed as and displayed as 243.84 (Common Standard 8’ Wall Height), and so on…

The numbers are in centimeters, so it’s pretty easy to work with.

Are you rescaling the grid to match the size of your assets? That strikes me as a really weird way to work?

You’re going to have major issues using a different scaling system with UE4. Especially when it comes to Physics and Programming…

You can already use two different grid-styles, both Power-Of-Two and Metric, but they all use the same underlying system.