[Feature fix] Make Autonomous role usefull

He is what I am asking. PLEASE just make every actor that you own, but the server controls Autonomous and not Simulated Proxy. I don’t see it breaking ANYTHING but poorly written code/blueprints that depend on that role to determine if its possessed or not. Which you shouldn’t need to do, as the act of possession gives you input control, thereby determining if its possessed or not… And in the case of Player Controllers, a simple cast, and or "is locally controlled’ would do in its place…

Right now Autonomous role is limited to possessed characters and player controllers. In certain circumstances there is no way to tell the difference between one actor that you actually own (have RPC rights to) and another players simulated proxy. I have finally caved and began writing a convoluted detection system for all kinds of setups:…ork-local-role

In the bottom right of the picture I am posting you see the line “Player owns this but not possessable” and under the stock column, it says “Simulated Proxy” and under Universal it says “Autonomous”

Stock = get local role on the actor
Universal = my convoluted system to get the “true” role.