[FEAT.REQ] Launcher Chat Essentials

  • “X is now typing…” call out.
  • User-definable statuses (DND, takin’ a poo, etc.)
  • Some kind of notification for new messages/incoming chat.

I really like having an exclusive chat system for fellow UE4 devs, so I hope this aspect of the launcher doesn’t go neglected.

Keep up the fantastic work, love ya more & more each day.

Hey Dark Acre Jack,

Thank you for your suggestions on how to make the Launcher Chat experience a better one. I have submitted a feature request to our Developers to modify the chat. If you need to ever reference this request, please provide us with: UE-11909.


Hi Dark Acre Jack,

There is a similar thread on chat system improvements here: [Feature Requests] Launcher Chat Improvements - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums.

Having discussions in one place will greatly help Epic to track it better. :slight_smile: