FBX won't let me import separate skeletal meshes

Using blender, I’ve created my character, rigged and animated and ready to go. Now, I’ve begun creating armor using the “duplicate vertices/scale out” method. My armor pieces are separate objects in blender to facilitate my planned inventory system.

Everything in blender is appropriately working. Where my trouble is, is that when I import into ue4, the ONLY time I have the option to deselect “combine meshes” is when I deselect skeletal mesh and import as static (obviously not what I want or need). My desired result is to import the one file and it import helmet, greaves, etc. all as separate skeletal assets.

I’ve read today on the hub while searching for a solution, people who had the OPPOSITE problem (importing multiple when wanting singular skeletal mesh) so I know it’s possible…

–If it’s pertinent, my blend file contains the humanoid mesh, the armor meshes, a single armature (Same armature applied to the modifiers on armor and humanoid), and currently 2 animations (idle, walk).
– if I import as skeletal mesh, it imports one mesh, wearing the armor

Of you need any other information please let me know.

Thank you,
Bryant M