.fbx problems importing from Maya 2014

I am having problems importing .fbx meshes from Maya 2014 to Unreal Engine 4 I have a model that is 35000 polygons in resolution but when I export it out from Maya the model isnt smoothed I have enabled model smooting and smoothing groups but the model looks blocky in some areas. However I dont have this problem when I import the model to UE4 as a .obj file for some reason the model is smoothed as an obj. The reason I want to only use the .fbx file format is because I want all of the items to be on seperate pieces of geometry ,hair,eyes,rig etc. Can anyone help me out is there any I can import my mesh character as a fbx from Maya 2014 and not have blockyness/low rez geometry?

can you show a screenshot of the options you have checked for the fbx export?

Hi Steve it turns out I forgot to use mesh cleanup I have done this now and it is working perfectly now. Sorry for not mentioning this days ago on this thread

as long as it got sorted np xD