FBX Model suddenly not working after 4.1 Update. Could use some help or advice please

ok I have a question. Has anyone ran in to an issue since 4.1 when importing a FBX model the model is fine but the textures/mats are either none existent or are just simple colors? Reason I ask is when I updated to 4.1 I basically scrapped the content I had (wasn’t happy) and reloaded models/assets/showcase stuff etc etc. Everything works like it did in 4.0.0/4.0.1Preview/4.0.1/4.0.2 with out a hitch how ever one model yea no :expressionless: none of her textures come up and everything is just off and it’s as if when importing the textures and materials it’s not doing it properly. I have tried a couple versions of the model too cause one has no bones and another does but they need to be redone so I don’t import it as a skeletal mesh. Also if I go to the mesh editor and make her large cause she is rather small unless I use the scale widget it REALLY messes up her textures and even trying “Create Unique UV’s” doesn’t work…I think it made it kind of worse actually. :\ I am stumped since nothing has changed with the model at all.

This is before the 4.1 Update
To this o.O I am kind of at a lost since NOTHING has changed except updating to 4.1

It looks like either something is wrong with the UVs, or the slots were mixed. (The head texture slot being switched with the armor texture slot.). Is it one texture for the entire model? or are they divided? When you display the UVs in the mesh editor, what does it look like? Compare the UVs from 4.1 to 4.02.

She looks the same in the material editor as well. Her armor is separate but I use the combine meshes option cause we made them that way so we could swap out armor/clothing for future game stuff like accessories and such. It just kind of struck me as odd cause other models I have work just fine (minus one that has 8 UV channels and hates lightmaps but that’s always been an issue and is fixed via LPV GI) her “Unique” issue I have not ran in to ya until just now.

Were the UVs or texture order changed?

I’ve seen this before where if you are importing a model with sub-object materials that looks great the first time around but when you reimport the model the texture for some reason becomes remapped.

Best practice don’t use sub-materials but there is a couple of possible fixes.

1 you can try deleting the model out of the browser and reimport it and it should rebuild the material ID’s

2 You can double click on the model in the browser with will bring up the model editor. To the left will be materials detail and you can manually put back the correct material that matches the material ID.

Hey Keiyentai -

From the information you provided and the pictures you’ve shown, it looks like the Texture coordinates are assigned inappropriately. So, check your materials and see if the Texture Samples UV coordinates are indexed correctly based on how you unwrapped and set up your multi-sub.

Let us know how it goes or if you are sill having problems,
Eric Ketchum

Thanks for the reply guys. I will try it later on when I get home. Odd thing is she was imported “fresh” when I took the pics of the UV being all buggered up. I appreciate the advise though greatly.