.fbx mesh coming in incomplete (Ignoring mesh because it has no weights)

I’ve been trying to import a rigged skeletal mesh .fbx into Unreal from Maya 2019, but I’ve encountered some errors with importing. After a couple tweaks and re-exports, bringing the skeletal mesh into UE4 leaves out most of the character (eyes, hair, legs, shoes, hands, etc.), giving there error that the mesh components have no weights. However, checking in the .ma file itself, the mesh pieces are properly weighted. Attempting to export the whole scene (not just the character) creates an import failure when attempting to move into Unreal.

Unfortunately, looking up the “Ignoring this deformer because it did not find any the weighting information” error hasn’t brought up any helpful resources or solutions. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Thank you for the assistance!

I don’t know much about maya at all, but by your description it seems that the items aren’t patented with one-another?

This is the Maya Outliner - the geometry is all within a single group, and the rig functions without issue within Maya itself. It’s just importing the FBX into Unreal where we get issues. We’re hoping to use Unreal for our rendering pipeline using the LiveLink plugin.