FBX imported mesh not opening in Mesh Editor


I imported FBX from Blender 3D into UE4. When I double click on it, it opens in Persona, not in Mesh Editor. I saw several videos online where double clicking on imported FBX opens the mesh editor.

I wanted to play with the mesh and to setup collisions in the editor.

Any idea how to open the FBX, in the editor, if that is even possible?

Thank you

really strange if something like this is happening
well what i can suggest is to go through the docs.

Try going into the ‘Window’ menu in the editor and selecting the ‘Reset Layout’ to see if that fixes the issue.

Did you import with skeleton, or did you assign a skeleton on import?

I see the problem now. Thanks.

I had to import it NOT as a skeleton. I was a noob last week. Now I am making games :smiley: